We Are ...
...a close knit team that include, directors, designers, animators, writers, technical artists & producers who create & consult on projects with a strong emphasis on Story, Design & Character. 


Kristian Andrews

BAFTA nominated Kristian Andrews has an eye for striking graphic styling - as seen in ads for JOHNNIE WALKER & TOYOTA, plus works like RABBIT PUNCH, LET'S PLAY NOMAD-X & BARBARA-IAN. Check out his special sequence work for GIRI HAJI, GUMBALL and ALTERED CARBON...

Marcus Armitage


A BAFTA-nominated filmmaker, Marcus' hand-drawn work employs bold colour and expressive motion, creating captivating visuals and thought-provoking stories across a broad diversity of approaches.

Marc Craste

Partner & Senior Director.
Aside from his award-winning commercials, including THE BIG WIN and our LLOYDS TSB campaign. Marc designed & directed the micro-series PICA TOWERS the BAFTA & Cartoon D'or winning short film JOJO IN THE STARS and the award-winning half-hour film VARMINTS.


Burcu & Geoffrey

Directing duo Burcu Sankur & Geoffrey Godet work together to create a beautiful balance of both craft and observation. While they each have individual voices, a shared affinity for simple geometric shapes and beautiful composition gives life to some wonderfully whimsical work.


Philip Hunt

Partner & Creative Director
Projects for BMW, KVADRAT, HERMAN MILLER, (RED) & ONE.ORG. The multi-award-winning  AH POOK IS HERE  The BAFTA adaptation of Oliver Jeffers children's book LOST AND FOUND. NOW SHOWING: HERE WE ARE

Eamonn O’Neill


Eamonn's films LEFT and - the BAFTA nominated - I'M FINE THANKS have received a lot of attention and praise on the festival circuit. Eamonn has also worked on projects for CARTOON NETWORK, The NSPCC  and as part of the Late Night Work Club collective for GHOST STORIES.


Grant Orchard

A truly idiosyncratic approach to his work, as expressed in the amazing LOVESPORT series and the OSCAR Nominated, BAFTA & SUNDANCE winning, short film A MORNING STROLL. Grant is the creator of 'HEY DUGGEE' - Our original pre-school show for CBEEBIES & BBC WORLDWIDE.

Ross Phillips


Ross is an Animation Director/Designer who brings together wit and timing in his wonderful animated snippets. applied to everything from short films to games, e-cards & gifs for digital publications. Ross is currently working as a designer on our CBeebies series Hey Duggee...

Steve Small

BAFTA-nominated for the animation sequences in BLACK EARTH RISING, Steve's amazing CV ranges from HERCULES, & FANTASIA 2000 to MR BEAN - plus ads for ORANGE, HYUNDAI, TSB & SING UP and Titles work such as BLACK EARTH RISING. Steve has just illustrated his first book: 'I'M STICKING WITH YOU'.

Gergely Wootsch


An award-winning animation director for projects such as THIS IS NOT REAL, THE HUNGRY CORPSE and work on the feature film: A MONSTER CALLS. His promo for the Savages MARSHAL DEAR and A SONG FOR EUROPA for JOHANN JOHANNSSON will also grab your eyes. 

Manddy Wyckens

Director & Art Director

Director, Designer & Art Director, Manddy's bold compositions and contrast create vibrant atmospheric backgrounds, whilst her stunning characters capture attitude and personality in a few graceful strokes.