Estee Lauder:
Christmas Holidays


AKA Director Marcus Armitage’s recent work for Estee Lauder is a collaboration with designer Izak Zenou. Adapting Izak’s elegant illustrations for this animated piece, Marcus was able to bring to life these glamorous characters as they meet through secret doorways hidden in a gorgeous and festive urban landscape. Their Journey leading to a magical Estee Lauder wonderland.

The elegant and visually stunning performances were animated and artworked by hand in TVPaint, featuring painted background scenes created by Izak in watercolours and ink. Marcus has directed an eye catching & celebratory piece, produced by Studio AKA.

Marcus says of the film:

” Izak’s designs were loose, instinctive and very elegant. It was a big challenge to try and capture that feeling, while also making it move. I had a great team of animators and artworkers who brought these designs to life. It was incredibly exciting to watch as each layer of detail and colour was added. I loved working with Izak’s elegant designs. There was so much fun to be had, animating the flowing hair and dresses. As we put the characters into the beautiful water colour backgrounds suddenly everything clicked into place and became a rich and glamorous world.”

Client: Estee Lauder
Agency: Traffic NYC
Illustrator: Izak Zenou
Animation Direction: Marcus Armitage Animation Producer: Sharon Titmarsh Animation: Matthias Cuciniello, Janina Putzker, Jakub Bednarz, Helena Bonastre, Aude Carpentier, Marion Boisrond, Andrea Friedrich, Katerina Kremasioti.
AFX Compositing: Ignatz Johnson Higham Editor: Nic Gill
Production Company: Studio AKA
Music and Sound: David Pape