Giri Haji


Hiseratu's tale for the BBC Netflix Drama


"He was a hitman for a major crime family. But he got thrown out."

Giri Haji is a brand-new series for BBC2 and Netflix, produced by Sister Pictures and directed by Julian Farino. STUDIO AKA was commissioned to design and create a 1x60 animated insert for Episode 1 and a further sequence for Episode 5.

Episode one's insert tells the pivotal back story of a ghostly yakuza, one of the series protagonists, whilst the sequence in Episode 5 illustrates the character’s demise - No Spoilers!

AKA director Kristian Andrews designed a grim underworld in which washes of Japanese ink soak into seedy depictions of London. With characters animated in TV paint and composited with live action textures, the sequences have an ethereal and woozy quality to match Hisateru’s hazy recollection of this ghostly yakuza. Kristian says of the piece.

“Samurai swords, Yakuza and fight scenes; this project made my inner 13 year old very happy"


GIRI/HAJI airs October 2019 on BBC 2 and BBC iplayer followed by an international realease on Netflix 

Client: Sister Pictures
Direction: Kristian Andrews
Production Company: Studio AKA