Keep Walking


Studio AKA takes a walk on the Highland side in new brand film for Johnnie Walker

BBH London came to Studio AKA looking for a unique, abstract and sophisticated piece to tell the 200 year history of Johnnie Walker. With one uninterrupted camera move, we see an unbroken path - a relay race of wisdom - following the footsteps of each mentor and mentee as knowledge of the Johnnie Walker craft is passed between the generations from Scotland to Shanghai...and beyond.

AKA Director Kristian Andrews settled on a faceted style with only essential detail to give the spot its abstract feel. This minimisation in detail was achieved in Softimage using polygon reduction and then rendered with a combination of Arnold and Mental Ray, and comped in After Effects.

Accompanied by a driving track from Photek and purposeful narration from James McAvoy, we are paced through into the 21st century neon future via a series of monolithic landscapes and meaningful interactions.
Client: Diageo
Agency: BBH London
Creative Team: Mark Lewis and Matt Finch
CD: Dominic Goldman
Agency Producer: Natalie Parish
Narration: James McAvoy
Music by: Photek
Directed by: Kristian Andrews
Supervising Director: Marc Craste
Produced by: Studio AKA