In our beautifully simple commercials & Ident spots for Key Equity, we employ simple doodle aesthetics to bring to life stories that exemplify Keys services.

For the initial commercials campaign, director Marc Craste followed the story of a couple seeking reassurance from their Key advisor. The simple line drawings convey well-observed and gently humorous performances; all played out as small vignettes in the centre of the screen.

Director Marcus Armitage picks up the reins as we continue the campaign for Key and we have produced the first of four batches of Idents for Channel 4: 'Afternoons On Four’ which will air from 14th Jan 2021.

Using the same simple aesthetic for this next phase of work, Marcus has infused the simple vignetted animated idents with same sweet & subtle humour that helps bring this charming campaign to life.

Client: KEY
Agency: McCann Manchester Production

Direction: Marc Craste

Direction: Marcus Armitage

Production Company: Studio AKA

Play ADVICE. Dir Marc Craste
Play MYTH. Dir Marc Craste
Play PRODUCT. Dir Marc Craste
Play Afternoons Countdown 15'
Dir Marcus Armitage
Play Afternoons Countdown 10'
Dir Marcus Armitage
Play Afternoons Countdown 5'
Dir Marcus Armitage